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Member: An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha, IDTANA, IDTANE


We love our exuberant dancing, and we aim to instill that love in all our dancers. We stay small enough to be able to consider the whole dancer, and to look closely at individual strengths and weaknesses. Though it makes our work more complicated, we remember that most of our students are children and teens, and not yet professional dancing machines. We keep it enjoyable.

However, we do insist on proper technique — that's the base that determines how high a dancer eventually can aim. We encourage dancers to become serious, but what level to aspire to is ultimately the student's choice. We provide the training to make the choices possible.

Success to us is mastery and acquiring a lifelong love of Irish Dancing. Irish Dancing has enriched our lives, and we hope it will do the same for you. We want public awards, but we want them to be a spin-off of the dancer's passion — not the aim of dancing. We operate on the principle that the primary rewards of dancing are internal. The benefits of discipline, overcoming obstacles, stage presence, etc. accrue to all the dancers, not just our Worlds qualifiers.

The irony of this attitude is that we find it makes students better competitors. Extraordinary achievement does not usually come from the grade hounds, but from the passionate.

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